WPF Tutorial PDF & Code Samples

You need to learn WPF. With this complete tutorial you get more than 7 years of experience and 4500+ hours of coding comprised into an awesome PDF. The ultimate package includes more than 760 pages that teaches you to code and use WPF and C# and it includes more than 360 code samples. Covering both the basics and the advanced techniques, this PDF is just the right option for you when you need to learn WPF.

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The Ultimate Package

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WPF Code Samples

WPF + C# PDF's


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WPF Code Samples
210 samples
WPF Tutorial PDF
530 pages
C# Tutorial PDF
230 pages
C# Code Samples
150 samples
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WPF Code Samples

  • 210 code samples
  • A nice sample browser to navigate the samples (see screenshots below)
  • Play with all the code and learn from the changes you made
  • Ready to load and run in Visual Studio (any version, including VS Community)

WPF tutorial PDF

  • A complete WPF tutorial
  • Read through the entire tutorial on your computer, tablet or phone in one single file
  • More than 530 pages of WPF learning material in total

C# tutorial PDF

  • A complete C# tutorial
  • Read through the entire tutorial on your computer, tablet or phone in one single file
  • Almost 230 pages of C# learning material in total

C# Code Samples


  • Ever wanted to learn how to make a game?
  • WPF and C# is a great way to get started, and in the WPF Ultimate Package, we include the complete source code for a Snake game, along with a step-by-step walkthrough of how we create it
  • Every step includes a sample, allowing you to see how we add new functionality in each iteration


Here's all the great content you get when buying the WPF Ultimate Package:

  • 210 WPF code samples
  • 530 pages of WPF tutorial in PDF format
  • 150 C# code samples
  • 230 pages of C# tutorial in PDF format
  • ...and a specially designed Tutorial Browser to consume it all

...or get the complete WPF package for free!

We're currently looking for people who can help us translate this tutorial into other languages. If you translate two full articles, you can get The Ultimate WPF Tutorial Package (worth $99.99) for free.

As an alternative, we're currently working on a new tutorial for JavaScript. Translate two of the JavaScript articles to a language that you're fluent in and we'll send you The Ultimate WPF Tutorial Package for free!

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