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Article/Chapter Progress
About WPF
What is WPF?
100% complete
WPF vs. WinForms
100% complete
Getting started
Visual Studio Community
100% complete
Hello, WPF!
100% complete
What is XAML?
100% complete
Basic XAML
100% complete
Events in XAML
100% complete
A WPF application
A WPF Application - Introduction
100% complete
The Window
100% complete
Working with App.xaml
100% complete
Command-line parameters in WPF
100% complete
100% complete
Handling exceptions in WPF
100% complete
Basic controls
The TextBlock control
100% complete
The TextBlock control - Inline formatting
96% complete
The Label control
66% complete
The TextBox control
23% complete
The CheckBox control
100% complete
The RadioButton control
100% complete
The PasswordBox control
100% complete
Control concepts
Control ToolTips
71% complete
WPF text rendering
100% complete
Introduction to WPF panels
75% complete
The Canvas control
1% complete
The WrapPanel control
2% complete
The StackPanel control
43% complete
The DockPanel control
4% complete
The Grid Control
5% complete
The Grid - Rows & columns
21% complete
The Grid - Units
16% complete
The Grid - Spanning
5% complete
The GridSplitter
52% complete
Using the Grid: A contact form
34% complete
Data binding
Introduction to WPF data binding
100% complete
Hello, bound world!
57% complete
Using the DataContext
11% complete
The UpdateSourceTrigger property
6% complete
Responding to changes
40% complete
Value conversion with IValueConverter
57% complete
The StringFormat property
61% complete
Debugging data bindings
2% complete
Introduction to WPF Commands
10% complete
Using WPF commands
50% complete
Implementing a custom WPF Command
57% complete
The MessageBox
28% complete
The OpenFileDialog
41% complete
The SaveFileDialog
54% complete
The other dialogs
25% complete
Creating a custom input dialog
1% complete
Common interface controls
The WPF Menu control
2% complete
The WPF ContextMenu Not started
The WPF ToolBar control Not started
The WPF StatusBar control Not started
The Ribbon control
97% complete
Rich Text controls
Introduction to WPF Rich Text controls
100% complete
The FlowDocumentScrollViewer control Not started
The FlowDocumentPageViewer control Not started
The FlowDocumentReader control Not started
Creating a FlowDocument from Code-behind Not started
Advanced FlowDocument content Not started
The RichTextBox control Not started
How-to: Creating a Rich Text Editor Not started
Misc. controls
The Border control
100% complete
The Slider control
13% complete
The ProgressBar control
0% complete
The WebBrowser control Not started
The WindowsFormsHost control Not started
The TabControl
Using the WPF TabControl
2% complete
WPF TabControl: Tab positions
100% complete
WPF TabControl: Styling the TabItems Not started
List controls
The ItemsControl
32% complete
The ListBox control Not started
The ComboBox control
0% complete
The ListView control
Introduction to the ListView control
86% complete
A simple ListView example
36% complete
ListView, data binding and ItemTemplate
26% complete
ListView with a GridView
41% complete
How-to: ListView with left aligned column names
18% complete
ListView grouping
35% complete
ListView sorting
4% complete
How-to: ListView with column sorting
72% complete
ListView filtering
69% complete
The TreeView control
TreeView introduction
100% complete
A simple TreeView example
38% complete
TreeView, data binding and multiple templates
38% complete
TreeView - Selection/Expansion state
42% complete
Lazy loading TreeView items Not started
The DataGrid control
The DataGrid control
83% complete
DataGrid columns
70% complete
DataGrid with row details Not started
Introduction to WPF styles
0% complete
Using WPF styles Not started
Trigger, DataTrigger & EventTrigger Not started
WPF MultiTrigger and MultiDataTrigger
81% complete
Trigger animations
100% complete
The DispatcherTimer Not started
Multi-threading with the BackgroundWorker
0% complete
Cancelling the BackgroundWorker Not started
Audio & Video
Playing audio Not started
Playing video Not started
How-to: Creating a complete Audio/Video player
100% complete
Speech synthesis (making WPF talk) Not started
Speech recognition (making WPF listen)
98% complete