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Article/Chapter Progress
About WPF
What is WPF?
100% complete
WPF vs. WinForms
100% complete
Getting started
Visual Studio Community
100% complete
Hello, WPF!
100% complete
What is XAML?
100% complete
Basic XAML
100% complete
Events in XAML
100% complete
A WPF application
A WPF Application - Introduction
100% complete
The Window
100% complete
Working with App.xaml
100% complete
Command-line parameters in WPF
100% complete
100% complete
Handling exceptions in WPF
100% complete
Application Culture / UICulture
100% complete
Basic controls
The TextBlock control
100% complete
The TextBlock control - Inline formatting
100% complete
The Label control
100% complete
The TextBox control
100% complete
The Button control
100% complete
The CheckBox control
100% complete
The RadioButton control
100% complete
The PasswordBox control
100% complete
The Image control
100% complete
Control concepts
Control ToolTips
100% complete
WPF text rendering
100% complete
Tab Order
100% complete
Access Keys
5% complete
Introduction to WPF panels
100% complete
The Canvas control Not started
The WrapPanel control Not started
The StackPanel control
89% complete
The DockPanel control Not started
The Grid Control
91% complete
The Grid - Rows & columns
100% complete
The Grid - Units
43% complete
The Grid - Spanning
100% complete
The GridSplitter Not started
Using the Grid: A contact form Not started
UserControls & CustomControls
Introduction Not started
Creating & using a UserControl Not started
Data binding
Introduction to WPF data binding
100% complete
Hello, bound world!
93% complete
Using the DataContext
31% complete
Data binding via Code-behind Not started
The UpdateSourceTrigger property
97% complete
Responding to changes
85% complete
Value conversion with IValueConverter Not started
The StringFormat property Not started
Debugging data bindings Not started
Introduction to WPF Commands
100% complete
Using WPF commands
4% complete
Implementing a custom WPF Command Not started
The MessageBox
100% complete
The OpenFileDialog Not started
The SaveFileDialog Not started
The other dialogs Not started
Creating a custom input dialog Not started
Common interface controls
The WPF Menu control
97% complete
The WPF ContextMenu
23% complete
The WPF ToolBar control Not started
The WPF StatusBar control Not started
The Ribbon control Not started
Rich Text controls
Introduction to WPF Rich Text controls
100% complete
The FlowDocumentScrollViewer control
95% complete
The FlowDocumentPageViewer control
93% complete
The FlowDocumentReader control
96% complete
Creating a FlowDocument from Code-behind
92% complete
Advanced FlowDocument content
93% complete
The RichTextBox control
95% complete
How-to: Creating a Rich Text Editor
97% complete
Misc. controls
The Border control Not started
The Slider control Not started
The ProgressBar control
76% complete
The WebBrowser control Not started
The WindowsFormsHost control Not started
The GroupBox control Not started
The Calendar control Not started
The DatePicker control Not started
The Expander control Not started
The TabControl
Using the WPF TabControl
97% complete
WPF TabControl: Tab positions
83% complete
WPF TabControl: Styling the TabItems
95% complete
List controls
The ItemsControl
93% complete
The ListBox control Not started
The ComboBox control Not started
The ListView control
Introduction to the ListView control
100% complete
A simple ListView example
94% complete
ListView, data binding and ItemTemplate
91% complete
ListView with a GridView
94% complete
How-to: ListView with left aligned column names
89% complete
ListView grouping
97% complete
ListView sorting
97% complete
How-to: ListView with column sorting
99% complete
ListView filtering
99% complete
The TreeView control
TreeView introduction Not started
A simple TreeView example Not started
TreeView, data binding and multiple templates
11% complete
TreeView - Selection/Expansion state Not started
Lazy loading TreeView items Not started
The DataGrid control
The DataGrid control
98% complete
DataGrid columns
98% complete
DataGrid with row details
93% complete
Introduction to WPF styles
83% complete
Using WPF styles
96% complete
Trigger, DataTrigger & EventTrigger
98% complete
WPF MultiTrigger and MultiDataTrigger
94% complete
Trigger animations
92% complete
Audio & Video
Playing audio
10% complete
Playing video
100% complete
How-to: Creating a complete Audio/Video player Not started
Speech synthesis (making WPF talk) Not started
Speech recognition (making WPF listen) Not started
The DispatcherTimer
100% complete
Multi-threading with the BackgroundWorker Not started
Cancelling the BackgroundWorker Not started
Creating a Game: SnakeWPF
25% complete
Creating the game area Not started
Creating & moving the Snake Not started
Continuous movement with DispatcherTimer Not started
Adding food for the Snake Not started
Controlling the Snake Not started
Collision Detection Not started
Improving SnakeWPF: Making it look more like a game Not started
Improving SnakeWPF: Adding a high score list Not started
Improving SnakeWPF: Adding sound Not started
Full game & final words Not started